The Bible tells us, “You will know the truth and the truth will make you free!” 

The key to spiritual enlightenment is knowledge. You must always be able and ready to give an answer for what you believe and why you are a believer. The Apostle Paul often wrote, “Now I would not have you to be ignorant brethren…”

The resources made available to you are offered to provide you with a deeper walk in Christ.


Additional Resources

Stop Covering For Bad Behavior

Bible Text: 1 Samuel 25:1-14 | Preacher: Isaac Tapper Enabling destructive behavior only destroys the one you are trying to protect. Stop taking responsibility for someone’s else foolish actions.

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God With Us

Bible Text: Matthew 1:23 | Preacher: Isaac Tapper God sent His son to dwell with us. We serve a God who is fully human and fully divine. Emmanuel means, “God with Us.” The entire bible is contained in this one verse.; Matthew 1:23

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Why Is The House Of God Forsaken

Bible Text: Nehemiah 13:11 | Preacher: Isaac Tapper Are your prayers going unanswered? Is your life going around in circles? Maybe your temple needs cleaning. Follow Nehemiah as he gives us clear instructions on temple cleaning.

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God Is In Control

Bible Text: Isaiah 54:13-17 | Preacher: Isaac Tapper No weapon formed against us shall prosper. What the enemy uses to hurt you, God uses to prosper you.

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Where Are The Nine ?

Bible Text: Luke 17:15-19 | Preacher: Isaac Tapper Prayer is important, but praise is essential. Prayer is for a time, but praise is for eternity. Return to Jesus with praise and receive your blessing.

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Living Bread

Bible Text: Exodus 16:2-8 | Preacher: Isaac Tapper How would you like to be able to eat a certain food and live forever? It’s not as outlandish as you think. Taste and experience the “perfect food”.

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Stop Rewarding Bad Behavior

Bible Text: 1 Samuel 25 | Preacher: Isaac Tapper Do you ever get tired of feeling like you have to fix the destruction caused by someone you care about? Do you get tired of making excuses or covering for them? Let us look at a […]

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